Intro to My WIP

I've had some requests to get a deeper look into my WIP, and since I've been slacking this month (sorry all), I figured this is a good time to introduce my current WIP. For those of you not familiar with the lingo, WIP means work in progress, and for me, means the project I'm currently in the draft phase for. There are other projects I'm working on too, but this is the only one I'm writing a first draft for.

First thing's first, I suck at titling. There are always exceptions, but I'm honestly lucky if I think of a title by the time I finish my first draft. I don't even have a working title for this WIP yet, so bear with me, because WIP is what I'll be calling it throughout this whole thing.

How it started:

I love the Fae. I love reading about them, and picturing them, and reading lore about them. But the problem is, a lot of the books I read leave the Fae as essentially the same thing. I wanted to write about them, without it blending into the general YA Fantasy genre as just another fashionable piece of fiction. With that in mind, I decided to combine my Fae with another thing I love: mythology. Right off the bat, I knew I wanted my Fae's magic based within the elements. After some research and experimentation, I found the creature basis for my Fae. There are ten different monsters/animals/humanoids they're based on: angels, demons, dragons, phoenixes, gorgons, dryads, gargoyles, sylphs, sirens, and mermaids. The Fae, humanoid in appearance, have long pointed ears, odd colored blood based on their magic, and different colored hair/eyes/skin based on the type of Fae.

The magic doesn't end there, as when the Fae eventually mated with the Humans, they created a half-breed called the Witches. The Witches are Marked, with unnaturally colored eyes, or hair, or skin, rarely with different colored blood or pointed ears or other larger physical tells. They always only have one, and the color of that Mark is what reveals the type of their elemental magic. There are no light or dark Witches, as the corresponding Fae disappeared before the Humans appeared in the world.

A Brief History:

The history of the world is long, as the Fae are nearly immortal and can live for multiple millennia. The world began with the four gods, two sets of siblings, two sets of mates. There is the goddess of the sun, Sulos, and the god of the light, Theos, the goddess of shadows, Aklysa, and the god of the moon Lunos. The world was empty, so they decided to create the light and dark Fae in their images. Millennia passed, and they grew bored, and they created the elemental Fae, one by the light and one by the dark for each element. The light and dark Fae opposed these new Fae and yanked them into positions of servitude. It took thousands of years for a rebellion to grow strong enough to make the light and dark Fae disappear.

The original Fae disappearing threw the world out of balance, and the gods created the Humans. The elemental Fae took the magic-less creatures as their own slaves and indentured servants. It took centuries of forbidden affairs to create the Witches, and yet another rebellion. With help from the Witches, the Humans overthrew their oppressors.

As of now, there are no Fae left, just the Witches and the Humans, living in harmony amongst each other.

The Prophecy:

History circles to its start

One in light and one in dark

Devastation threatens near

Hearts will only hold fear

When sun and moon share the sky

Find the truth one cannot deny

One in light and one in dark

Only one can bear the mark

The Main Character:

Elia is a sixteen year old girl with abandonment issues. She's tall, athletically built, with warm brown skin, golden eyes, and short chopped near-black hair with blunt bangs. Left to beg on the streets at just nine years old, she now works for one of the two street gangs in Arenwood, the human capital. She loves spending her time on the rooftops of the city.


I wish I could say I have a blurb to share, a glimpse into the plot without giving anything away, but for now you'll have to wait! Stay tuned for more!!


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